SUBSCRIBER SERIES // Dave Douglas – For Baikida

We’re releasing a new track from Hudson Solos, our Subscriber Series for 2021!

For Baikida is the third solo trumpet piece in the series, written and performed by Dave Douglas, who had this to say about it:

After working last summer to honor Baikida Carroll for Festival of New Trumpet Music, I had the perfume of his sound and approach in my head and in my ears and in my heart. I had the power of his words. And, as it turns out, the first phrase of his piece Third Image in my creative imagination. Also the fond memory of his San Diego solo concert, which can be watched on Youtube. The result is this piece, with several written fragments and improvisations exploring sound and shape. For Baikida. Glad to have gathered all these mutes I have collected over the years. This performance was created during a live conversation with Greenleaf Music subscribers. Enjoy.

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