Second single from Mareike Wiening’s ‘Future Memories’ out now

We’re releasing the second single from Future Memories, the upcoming album from drummer Mareike Wiening!

The track, El Escorial, was written by Mareike. She elaborates on how it came together:

The piece is inspired by a small village in Spain where I played with my band being on tour in fall 2019. It’s close to Madrid. There was a Spanish folk festival/market going on with lots of spanish music and rhythm. I like Spanish music a lot and the rhythms are very interesting. In El Escorial, I tried to get inspired from all these different sounds happening at the same time, but obviously paired with a German/Franconian approach and at the same time having the sound of my band in my ear.

Check out the full song video below.

You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp here and pre-order and stream the first single at other outlets here.