Second single from Manuel Valera’s New Cuban Express Big Band, available now

We’ve got a second single from Distancia, the upcoming album from pianist Manuel Valera and his New Cuban Express Big Band!

Inspired by the zodiac sign, “Gemini” is an up tempo affair signifying that despite tragedy, triumph can prevail. It begins with a pulsing piano riff, which evolves elegantly with a flowering harmony. The band sounds as one as it weaves through some tricky lines en route to the improvising section. Trumpeter Stuart Mack leans on the lyrical side, while Andrew Gutauskas wields his bari sax through a rocking background, before Manuel  lays out a fierce piano solo. The ensemble playing throughout it precise yet punchy, bringing out the highs and lows Valera’s dynamic writing.

Check out the full song in the video below. The album is available for pre-order here and it will be released worldwide on March 18. Greenleaf Music subscribers already have the two singles in their Bandcamp stream here.