Rodrigo Recabarren, Pablo Menares & Yago Vazquez- Second Single “Santiago” out today + Album Preorder

Rodrigo Recabrren, Yago Vazquez and Pablo Menares – a trio of Latin & Spanish musicians –  are the newest members of the Greenleaf Music family. Today they release the second song  “Santiago”, from their forthcoming album Familia.

Santiago is an important word for Rodrigo Recabarren. It is not only the name of his son, but it is also the place where his family comes from, where he and his wife met 20 years ago, and where all of their extended family still live. So naming a song “Santiago” was a big commitment, but it made total sense in this moment when fatherhood and the need to reconnect with his identity are what life is all about.

Rodrigo wrote the tune with a hook that came out one day in the playground: “Santiaguito, vente pacá” (Santiaguito, come over here). The songs he grew up hearing from his grandfather and the rhythms he would chant and dance to at the fútbol stadium were other sources of inspiration, and with the help of the rest of the trio, everything came together.

Familia is due out February 23, 2024 and is available for preorder now @ Bandcamp on CD & digital.

The debut single “Aninovo” is also out now across all streaming platforms. and is accompanied by a beautiful black & white film of the band performing the song live in the studio.

Head to Bandcamp or your streaming platform of choice and check it out today!