Rodrigo Recabarren, Pablo Menares & Yago Vazquez- Debut Single “Aninovo” & Album Preorder

Hello + Happy New Year! We are starting the year off off with such a beautiful record.

Last week, we let you know about brand new members of the Greenleaf Music family – Rodrigo Recabrren, Yago Vazquez and Pablo Menares – a trio of Latin & Spanish musicians who migrated to New York City in the nineties, found each other through school and gigging, and have been building their own musical family and community ever since.

Their album Familia is due out February 23, 2024 and is available now @ Bandcamp for pre-order on CD & digital.

The debut single Aninovo is out now across all streaming platforms, and as the Instant Grat single for Bandcamp. It is accompanied by a beautiful black & white film of the band performing the song live in the studio.

The album Familia utilizes a variety of folkloric musical traditions that like many within Pan-Latin Jazz, hybridizes various cultural attributes into compositions that reflect the complexities of our modern world.

“We all migrated to NYC together and created a family,” Recabarren recalls, remembering the years spent learning about themselves as much as they did mastering the mechanics of Jazz.  

For the trio, Jazz has been the vehicle of choice to engage and explore the total circumference of their musical lives.

“I think jazz does that to people” Recabarren believes. “It’s a language that allows you to explore beauty, subjects in depth, and I think that I’m realizing this through this album as well.”

Head to Bandcamp or your streaming platform of choice and check it out today!