Pre-order for Webber/Morris Big Band’s Both Are True starts February 21

We’re announcing the pre-order date for Both Are True, the new release from the Webber/Morris Big Band.

You’ll be able to pre-order the CD and/or digital starting on February 21 on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and more.

The band, led by Anna Webber and Angela Morris, is an eighteen-piece ensemble of stellar New York-based improvisers that started in 2015. Using the typical big band instrumentation – trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and rhythm section – Anna and Angela have composed and arranged music that is rooted in minimalism, noise, pop, and the sounds of today. Integrating improvisation and composed material in new and interesting ways ways – while using extra-musical sources such as poetry or mathematics – the traditional big band sound transforms into something new and exciting.

The album features nine original compositions by Webber and Morris, including a piece that integrates a text from Maya Angelou. Anna and Angela share the duties of conducting the band and holding down the tenor saxophone chair. This is big band music for the here and now from a band at the top of their game. Check out details on the album below.

And check out this album trailer video that features snippets from of few of the tracks on the record:

Angela Morris: conductor, tenor saxophone, flute
Anna Webber: conductor, tenor saxophone, flute
Jay Rattman: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Charlotte Greve: alto saxophone, clarinet
Adam Schneit: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Lisa Parrott: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
John Lake: trumpet, flugelhorn
Jake Henry: trumpet, flugelhorn
Adam O’Farrill: trumpet, flugelhorn
Kenny Warren: trumpet, flugelhorn
Tim Vaughn: trombone
Nick Grinder: trombone
Jen Baker: trombone
Reginald Chapman: bass trombone
Patricia Brennan: vibraphone
Dustin Carlson: guitar
Marc Hannaford: piano
Adam Hopkins: bass
Jeff Davis: drums

Track Details:
1. Climbing On Mirrors (10:45, Webber) Solo: Charlotte Greve
2. Duo 1 (0:48, Webber/Morris)
3. Both Are True (10:16, Morris) Solos: Jay Rattman, Anna Webber, Patricia Brennan
4. Rebonds (3:21, Webber); Solo: Dustin Carlson
5. Coral (10:06, Morris) Solo: Adam O’Farrill
6. And It Rolled Right Down (6:36, Morris) Solos: Adam Schneit, Reginald Chapman, Jake Henry
7. Foggy Valley (3:48, Webber/Morris/Morgan) Solo: Angela Morris
8. Duo 2 (1:26, Webber/Morris)
9. Reverses (11:39, Webber) Solo: Kenny Warren; Text by Maya Angelou