NEW: Dave Douglas & Elan Mehler – If There Are Mountains

Announcing a special new album release! If There Are Mountains is the first album by Dave Douglas and Elan Mehler as co-leaders, setting poetry and specifically haiku within the context of improvising music.

Pre-order now on Bandcamp here. Stay tuned for the first single, to be released this coming Tuesday, February 21.

The album, previously released only to vinyl on Mehler’s label Newvelle Records, will now see a fresh release here at Greenleaf on CD and digital. Learn more about the album here on our website.

Here’s the album cover, with photography by Anna Yatskevich and design by Lukas Frei:

With Dave Douglas on trumpet, Elan Mehler on piano, Dominique Eade on vocals, John Gunther on woodwinds, Simón Willson on bass, and Dayeon Seok on drums.

The lyrical arrangements feature celebrated vocalist Dominique Eade throughout the album. Douglas and Mehler composed the music of all thirteen tracks between themselves, including four never-before-heard songs: Douglas’ “Arms Folded to the Moon”“A Thicket of Summer Grass”, and “Life” plus Mehler’s “Barn’s Burnt Down”.

Watch this space for the first single announcement and pre-order the album now on Bandcamp!