NEW SINGLE: We Saw You Off

We’ve just released “We Saw You Off”, the second single from the upcoming album If There Are Mountains by Dave Douglas and Elan Mehler!

“We Saw You Off” is a Dave Douglas composition featuring Douglas in harmony and interplay with John Gunther’s tenor saxophone, underneath the delicate vocals of Dominique Eade. Douglas and Gunther each take solos as ensemble co-leader Elan Mehler’s piano lifts the ensemble. On the last statement of the text, the arrangement opens up into a haunting conclusion.

The famous Japanese poet Saigyō (1118-1190) wrote the original text:

We saw you off
And returning through the fields
I thought morning dew
Had wet my sleeve
But it was tears

Pre-order / listen here. Pre-orders get a download of the two singles immediately; the full album will release March 24.

And don’t forget, the band is going on tour to select U.S. cities next week!

Check out “We Saw You Off” below through the video: