Dave Douglas Downbeat Q&A

Praise for High Risk

Release day for Matt Ulery’s #WakeAnEcho, New tracks streaming

"This is music of brisk intelligence and an almost off-putting abundance of composure... with frictionless access to great chunks of classical postminimalism, atmospheric indie-rock and harmonically astute post-bop." -NY Times

Dave Douglas: Jazz Hymns Honor A Dying Wish | via NPR

Dave Douglas has been an important player in the jazz world for more than two decades, producing a broad body of work as both a trumpet player and a composer. His newest album, Be Still, has a bittersweet backstory: It contains his arrangements of several hymns that his dying mother asked him to perform at her funeral service.

Matt Ulery’s By A Little Light in NPR’s Best Music of 2012

There are lots of pleasant records where jazz bands meet string sections. This one's beautiful. For one, it's not just any ensemble, but one featuring some of the contemporary classical rock stars in eighth blackbird and jazz musicians who have collaborated over years. There are also vocals, from the singer Grazyna Auguscik...