Mareike Wiening releases new single The Girl By The Window

We’ve just released the first single “The Girl by the Window” from drummer Mareike Wiening‘s upcoming album Reveal!

Listen to the single / pre-order the album now.

“The Girl by the Window”, featuring Wiening’s quintet plus renowned trumpeter Dave Douglas, draws from a work by American impressionist painter T.C. Steele.

In the portrait of a girl standing by the window, gazing outside, the view she sees is not revealed: there is ambiguity, allowing each person to imagine what she’s looking for. Like Wiening’s sensitive composition with attentive interplay, it’s a blank canvas for mystery and individual interpretation.

Wiening and Douglas are joined by tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, pianist Glenn Zaleski, guitarist Alex Goodman, and bassist Johannes Felscher.

Check out the music below: