‘Both Are True’ on NY Times ‘Best Jazz Albums of 2020’ list

The New York Times has named Both Are True by the Webber/Morris Big Band to their “Best Jazz Albums of 2020” list

Guiovanni Russonello says of the album:

“There’s little terrain that this big band is afraid to step into. Led by Anna Webber and Angela Morris, two rising saxophonist-composers on the Brooklyn scene, the 19-piece ensemble has been performing their compositions for five years but just released its debut. Jazz shibboleths all come in for a questioning here. Passages of long, open harmony are common; sometimes those become lengthy stretches of collective improvisation, musicians conversing at a low simmer, resisting the typical urge to raise the temperature or set a course. Almost one entire tune consists of a testy, nipping conversation between Dustin Carlson’s distorted electric guitar and the rest of the band, punching back at him in big brassy chords.”

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