Vancouver Sun reviews ‘Overcome’

Overcome, the new album from Dave Douglas, was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition!

Reviewer Stuart Derdeyn says this about the record:

A surprise release from the massive unit of trumpeter/composer Douglas, trombonist Ryan Keberle, singer Fay Victor, guitarist/singer Camila Meza, bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Rudy Royston that is a digital only release on Bandcamp. Like its predecessor, Marching Music, the album revolves around songs about justice. The first arrangement for the session was for We Shall Overcome and it’s a passionate statement of standing up to all of the forces facing racial, climate, gender, scientific and voting justice facing the U.S. today. As the news fills with attempts to turn the election results and make American democracy into a tinpot dictator’s joke, the ferocity of a track such as Perspective hits hard.

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Overcome is available exclusively on Bandcamp in digital format only. The album features trombonist,  Ryan Keberle, vocalist Fay Victor, vocalist and guitarist Camila Meza, bassist Jorge Roeder, and drummer Rudy Royston.