Touring the Reality Based Community

Thanks to everyone who has commented about the Miles Davis Cellar Door post below. I guess it was a bit of a rant, but hopefully a needed rant…

Meanwhile there’s amazing music video happening all over the net. Not least at Bob Belden’s Video Network (which, while it comes and goes has an amazing array of stuff).

Also, courtesy of a mention by The Bad Plus, I became aware of the amazing videos of John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Louis Armstrong and others here.

Finally, another tip of the hat to the great blogging going on here. Go Darcy.

And did I mention Stephen Colbert?

After our recent trip around the U.S., the Quintet and I (Donny McCaslin, Uri Caine, James Genus, Clarence Penn) are enjoying the relative stability of a week at the Village Vanguard. Great place to play, great place to hear. Come on by and we can chat about the rant heard round the world…