Global Radio

Last week I was invited up to WKCR (Columbia Radio in New York, also known as The Greatest Station on Earth, but we’ll leave the hyperbole to the great Don Cherry PSAs) by Ted Panken. Thanks again, Ted, for having me. One of the things I find interesting about all the changes the web provides is that radio is so global now. Because of the internet, anyone, anywhere can hear almost any station anywhere.

For example you could go listen to WKCR right now. If you like all kinds of music it will likely grab you.

I have also been invited to WNYC’s Sound Check with John Schaefer next Thursday, May 18. That’s another great place to hear new things.

And you may have noticed the small Greenleaf Radio at the top of this page. We’re hoping to update it soon with playlists from special guests. We’re also hoping to expand its size, and luckily I’m not the one who does those things around here, because I’ve come to realize how time consuming it all is. Stay tuned, or if you haven’t checked it out, enjoy it now.

Of course one of my recent radio favorites is Air America, but you most likely knew that. It’s just that now I can get my fix where ever I am, which today happens to be here.

Tomorrow I’ll be here.