Spark Of Being [3CD]

On April 24th, 2010, Dave Douglas and experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison unveiled their multimedia collaboration, Spark Of Being, at Stanford University. On film, it stands as a reinterpretation of that Frankenstein myth using new, archival, and distressed footage. The themes, penned by Douglas for his Grammy-nominated band Keystone, integrate electronics seamlessly into the improvised music, piecing sounds and movement together to make three strikingly different Creatures.

Spark Of Being: Soundtrack [CD/Digital]

Spark Of Being: Expand [LP/CD/Digital]

Spark Of Being: Burst [CD/Digital]

PERSONNEL: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Marcus Strickland, tenor saxophone; Adam Benjamin, fender rhodes; Brad Jones, ampeg baby bass; Gene Lake, drums; DJ Olive, turntables/laptop

Video: Spark Of Being [Trailer]

The trailer for the film Spark Of Being by Bill Morrison, featuring music by Dave Douglas