Spark Of Being [3CD] Release Day

Dave Douglas & Keystone: Spark Of Being [3CD]

It’s been a long time in works, but today marks the end of months of production work by all involved here at GLM HQ. It was a labor of love from our office to your doorstep and finally to your ears. All who preordered, your copy of the full box set shipped out yesterday. Expect it to arrive shortly. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have been.

Dave and Keystone will be playing a few shows here in the US (Minneapolis, Kansas City, New York) this coming October. Following that, they hit the Euro circuit in November. More dates to be announced this coming winter. Keep an eye out for updates.

Be sure to check out the Subscription options, too. We have packages for those who dig physical products (i.e. a copy of the Spark box) as well as those who like digital (i.e. streaming of our full catalog). Never a better time to join our community.

And don’t forget about the vinyl version of Expand. Hand-numbered, virgin vinyl, upgraded protective outer sleeve, etc.

As with all releases, word of mouth is key. If you dig what you hear (check out a tune from each of the three discs on the sidebar player), please pass it on to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or both. They’ll appreciate your good taste.

Alright, back to work!