Rudy Royston Releases 3rd Single from ‘PaNOptic’

We’re releasing third single from the new Rudy Royston solo drum album, PaNOptic! The track, “mr zoot suite–bruh Arnold,” takes inspiration from a family member who recently passed away. Rudy Royston:

“mr zoot suite–bruh Arnold is honoring my ex-brother-in-law, who was a great example to me of soulfulness  and the power of music growing up. He later became a deacon in the church.  Always a spiffy dresser, Arnold’s style and mannerisms—back then a little raw by church standards—always brought a liveliness and soulful groove to the day. Bruh Arnold died during the preparation of this album, in April 2020 from COVID19.”

The album is available in digital form exclusively from our Bandcamp store. Listen to this latest track here:

The proceeds from this album are being donated to the MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.