Four-star review from All About Jazz for Rudy Royston’s ‘PaNOptic’

Thanks to All About Jazz for the four star review of Rudy Royston’s new solo drum album, PaNOptic! Writer Ian Patterson says:

“If there was ever a doubt, PaNOptic reaffirms the drums’ status as a powerful narrative and melodic instrument. In Royston’s hands and feet, drums and cymbals emote, sound colors and moods, uplift on the one hand and invite meditation on the other. The combination of images, video and poetry, and Royston’s far-reaching musical vocabulary—one that embraces the blues, bebop and harmolodic jazz, church music, rock and pop—makes for a wonderfully kaleidoscopic journey.”

Read the full review here. You can buy the album exclusively from our Bandcamp store. All album proceeds are being donated to the MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.