Riverside Co-Leader Dave Douglas on Jimmy Giuffre

In honor of the new Riverside album, co-leader Dave Douglas reflects on his favorite Jimmy Giuffre arrangements and compositions. Dave Douglas and Chet Doxas formed the new collaborative project honoring the musical legacy of composer, bandleader, saxophonist and clarinetist Jimmy Giuffre. “Riverside” is out now!

“The Swamp People”
Effortless flow of rhythm and melody. And such an unusual yet natural sounding tune! I can’t listen to these tracks without wondering how much of the arrangement was arranged and how much improvised on the spot. I feel it is mostly improvised because the call and response is ready and willing.

“The Lonely Time”
Really unique guitar work from Jim Hall. Such a mournful piece and yet uplifting from the clarion sound of Brookmeyer.

“California Here I Come”
Again with the effortless flow. They must have loved California. Or something.

“Show Me The Way To Go Home”

Composition by Carla Bley that epitomizes so much of her brilliant early writing. The trio played a lot of her tunes, and if you’re not familiar with her early work, the quintets on Fontana with Steve Lacy are also an extraordinary place to start.