Review of Mareike Wiening’s Metropolis Paradise by Jazz da Gama

Writer Raul da Gama has reviewed Metropolis Paradise, the new album by drummer Mareike Wiening, on his blog Jazz da Gama.

He begins his review by saying:

“Judging by the repertoire on Metropolis Paradise Mareike Wiening is, clearly, just as accomplished a composer of music as she is a drummer. In both crafts she is detailed, has a consummate mastery of form, a sublime sense of melody and harmony and – of course – of rhythm. Best of all she is blessed with an enormous colour palette which she dips into both as a creator of the musical soundscape as well as a percussion colourist. Not surprisingly she has showcased every one of these aspects of her musicianship on this stunning debut disc.”

You can read the full review here. And you can purchase you copy of the album here.