OUT NOW: Dave Douglas & Elan Mehler – If There Are Mountains

If There Are Mountains is the first album by Dave Douglas and Elan Mehler as co-leaders, setting poetry and specifically haiku within the context of improvising music. Douglas and Mehler composed the music of all thirteen tracks between themselves, including four never-before-heard songs: Douglas’ “Arms Folded to the Moon”, “A Thicket of Summer Grass”, and “Life” plus Mehler’s “Barn’s Burnt Down”.

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Check out the title track “If There Are Mountains” in this video from the recording studio in New York, courtesy of Mehler’s label Newvelle Records:

Very proud to finally see the CD and digital release of this recording originally made for vinyl-only release on Newvelle Records. Here it is, with four extra pieces!
It was inspiring to work with these words. Enjoy and happy listening!
— Dave Douglas

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“If There Are Mountains” – Original text by Santōka Taneda

If there are mountains
I look at the mountains
On rainy days
I listen to the rain

Spring, summer
Autumn, winter
Tomorrow, too, will be good
Tonight, too is good

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