Trumpeter Itamar Borochov’s new album ‘Arba’ out now

Itamar Borochov is proud to present Arba (Hebrew: “four”), his fourth album as a leader. Order now!

While the quartet instrumentation mirrors that of his previous releases, Arba marks the first appearance of Borochov’s earthy, expressive singing voice in a featured role on several tracks. It is also the fullest documentation to date of Borochov’s use of a custom Monette quarter-tone trumpet with four valves.

Vocally and on the horn, Borochov infuses his compositions with phrasing, inflection and ornamentation drawn from his deep study of maqamat, the scale system and musical language of traditional music of the Middle East and North Africa. The sound also stems from music he absorbed growing up attending a Sephardic synagogue in his native Jaffa (near Tel Aviv).

Joining Borochov on this vibrant all-original outing are pianist Rob Clearfield, bassist Rick Rosato and drummer Jay Sawyer as well as Avri Borochov featured on oud for the track “Ya Sahbi“.

Check out the track “Truth” below: