Out now: the lead single on Greenleaf from Itamar Borochov!

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Photo: Dave Stapleton

“Today is the release day of the first single from my upcoming album Arba! The track is called ‘Abraham’ and to me it tells the story of this record in the most complete way, serving as the album’s overture. It’s an emotional tale of love and loss, resurgence and acceptance, of being at a crossroads, and in the darkest moment finding inspiration, hope and light. Stream it now on your favorite platform, and don’t forget to add ‘Abraham’ to your playlists.”

Trumpeter Itamar Borochov is creating a new musical hybrid, bringing the sacred sounds of his upbringing to a jazz quartet setting. Borochov first heard Sephardic music in his local synagogue and absorbed these ‘maqams’ (modes) of the greater Middle East and North Africa alongside a range of other musical influences, including the Mizrahi and Ashkenazi musical flavors that are his birthright.

Featuring Rob Clearfield (piano), Rick Rosato (bass), & Jay Sawyer (drums).