Out now: the third single “Gravity” by Kaisa’s Machine from their upcoming album Taking Shape!

Pre-order the album  / choose your music platform here. With the pre-order, hear all three singles now: the album will be released on July 7.

This track features bandleader Kaisa Mäensivu‘s bass playing alongside a spacious ensemble with vibraphone, guitar, and drums. It’s unique on Taking Shape as the only album track to feature just these four musicians. Kaisa says this about “Gravity:

“There’s a repetitive bass vamp in 9/4 that has a drone-like feeling. It leads to a big release moment when the bass vamp stops and the song floats freely. It’s a cerebral, almost melancholic piece.”

With Sasha Berliner (vibraphone), Max Light (guitar), and Joe Peri (drums).

Check it out through the video below: