Itamar Borochov releases single Who Shall Grant Me Flight

Out now: the third single “Who Shall Grant Me Flight” from Itamar Borochov‘s upcoming album Arba!

Pre-order / listen here.

“This is the first time I’m releasing a track that I’m not playing any trumpet on, just voice,” Borochov says.

Photo: Jaka Vinsek

A short and spellbinding piece for piano and expressive wordless voice with a gentle and simple acoustic texture, “Who Shall Grant Me Flight” feels like an interlude: the conclusion of one chapter and the start of another. Pausing to gather inner strength to carry on in a time of difficulty, and accepting that there is a reason for everything, the voice summons a renewed faith in future promise.

“Who Shall Grant Me Flight” features Borochov, Rob Clearfield on piano, and Rick Rosato on bass; the ensemble on the album also includes Jay Sawyer on drums.