NEW SINGLE: What Broke You?

Out now: the second single “What Broke You?” from Itamar Borochov’s upcoming album Arba!

Pre-order / listen here.

Photo: Dave Stapleton

“What Broke You?” is a wistful ballad. Borochov says it was “composed after meeting a women who initially appeared to have quite a positive nature, always smiling, but later I came to realize that beneath the surface she carried within her an impenetrable sadness and deep furt. I found myself asking, ‘What broke you?'”

The delicate trumpet lines feature a velvety tone and Middle Eastern inflection, suggesting a tentative questioning, and Rob Clearfield plays a beautiful unaccompanied piano cadenza with a melancholy, empathic delivery.

Featuring Borochov on trumpet, Clearfield on piano, Rick Rosato on bass, and Jay Sawyer on drums.