NEW SINGLE: The Bottoms

We’ve just released the second single “The Bottoms” from Chicago bassist Christian Dillingham‘s upcoming album Cascades!

Listen now / pre-order the album here.

Several Dillingham compositions are inspired by his upbringing and personal history, such as this piece, named for a predominantly black neighborhood in the town where he grew up. “My grandmother’s church and my family and childhood friends are tied to this place for me,” says the composer, “and I try to capture some of that soulfulness with this piece.”

A native of Brookfield, Ohio, Dillingham has built a thriving classical career alongside his intuitive feel for nuance and improvisation in jazz. These are the credentials of a player and composer with open ears and a distinctly inclusive musical point of view.

The players he surrounds himself with, likewise, have varied personalities and different sets of interests that they bring to the table. “The Bottoms” along with the entire album features Lenard Simpson on alto saxophone, Dave Miller on guitar, and Greg Artry on drums.

Check out the music below: