Rave reviews for Greg Ward’s ‘Stomping Off From Greenwood’

Here’s a roundup of some of the accolades from Stomping Off From Greenwood, which is now available worldwide.

In his 4-star review in All About Jazz, Gareth Thompson says:

“Stomping Off From Greenwood sings with a depth of harmony to crack the hardest heart. Even as life’s rhythms scurry by, Ward’s tuneful touch remains unhurried, like a free spirit among go-getters.”

Chosen by Bandcamp Daily as album of the day, Mike West says:

“… the band’s interplay gestures beyond that storied starting point; its sound—intricate and yet edgy, melodic but distorted, with stomping rhythms and a confrontational mien—has as much in common with proto-punkers Television as with post-rockers Tortoise.”

Downbeat selected the album as an Editor’s Pick, saying:

Ward’s latest offering—suffused with not just players from, but also the exploratory fervor of Chicago’s top-tier performers—portends future successes, no matter his stomping grounds.”

Richard Kamins, in his Step Tempest blog, says:

Stomping Off From Greenwood makes me smile, bounce my feet, challenges me to listen with fresh ears, opening up to the myriad possibilities in this music, making me wish I was in the audience as the band developed this program leading uptown the recording.”

In his 5-star review for UK Vibe, Ian Ward has this to say about the album:

“It’s a heady mix of cerebral, heartfelt, hopeful, exploratory and inclusive. It focuses and uplifts. Musicianship is tophole. And it has two guitars.”

Previewing this weekend’s release show for the Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich, calls Greg “… the saxophonist has proven himself at once uncategorizable and eminently listenable.”

You can order and stream the album here. Purchase the CD / digital directly from us via Bandcamp, and you’ll receive an exclusive bonus track.