NEW SINGLE: Undulation

Out now: the lead single “Undulation” from Christian Dillingham‘s upcoming debut album Cascades!

Listen now / pre-order the album here.

“Undulation” is a fierce and modern groove-based composition. “I love watching waves and I have always felt peaceful around large bodies of water,” Dillingham says. “This melody feels like waves to me. The bouncy groove provides a boost of positivity.”

Featuring Lenard Simpson on alto saxophone, Dave Miller on guitar, and Greg Artry on drums.

“This was the first project that Dave and Lenard worked together on. They both have such distinct voices on their instruments and are willing to go in whatever direction the music leads. I knew they would be the perfect fit for the tunes on this record.”

Simpson and Miller’s spirited, virtuosic trading of choruses on “Undulation” is a vivid case in point. “Greg Artry and I have worked together in many situations in Chicago,” Dillingham adds. “We’ve developed a sense of trust that is essential between bass and drums. He provides the fire that any band needs, but shapes that with a wide dynamic range and color palette.”

Check out “Undulation” through the video below: