Christian Dillingham releases new single Code Switch

The third single “Code Switch” from Chicago bassist Christian Dillingham‘s upcoming album Cascades is available now.

Listen / pre-order the album here! Cascades is due out September 1st.

The theme of race and identity percolates on this dissonant, rocking track. It’s also the final track on the album. Here’s Dillingham describing it in his own words:

“Unfortunately the need to ‘Code Switch’ can be a survival tactic. This melody weaves through several different spaces in an equivalent way. The driving beat and bassline provide a heavy groove and serves as the antithesis.”

On “Code Switch” Dillingham is joined by Lenard Simpson on alto saxophone, Dave Miller on guitar, and Greg Artry on drums. Like all the players who created it, Cascades is vibrantly three-dimensional, a fresh and impassioned communique from a fine composer on the rise.

Check out the music below: