Mountain Passages

Dave Douglas’ Mountain Passages is an album of music inspired by the myths and the spirit of rural mountain culture. The first live performance of the material, which features Dave’s band NOMAD, took place high in the Italian Dolomites, as part of the festival I Suoni delle Dolomitti. Partially inspired by Douglas’ love of world folk music, Mountain Passages also carries the spirit of jazz that informs all of Dave’s music. The record is a profound and playful mix that veers between the solemnity of solitary contemplation and the drunken debauchery of ecstatic celebration. The ensemble of trumpet, clarinet, cello, tuba and percussion, envisioned as an imaginary traveling band, play 12 stunning new Douglas compositions making Mountain Passages Douglas’ most emotive new work since the very popular “Charms of the Night” recordings.

Personnel: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Michael Moore, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Peggy Lee, cello; Marcus Rojas, tuba; and Dylan van der Schyff, drums.

Subscriber Bonus: Summit Music (Alt Take)

An alternate take of “Summit Music” from the Mountain Passages recording session.

Download “Summit Music (alternate take)”
[MP3, 192kbps, 6.6MB]

Subscriber Bonus: Twelve Degrees Proof (Outtake)

An outtake of Dave Douglas’ “Twelve Degrees Proof” from the “Mountain Passages” recording session. A misstep in the form of the song by one of the players is what caused this one to break down. But for that, this track was sizzling.

Download “Twelve Degrees Proof (outtake)”
[MP3, 192kbps, 4.9MB]