Dave Douglas, Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyffe & Friends play music from Mountain Passages this Saturday in Vancouver.

If you are in Vancouver and (hopefully) already have tickets to Sunday’s premiere, here’s an off-the-beaten-path meet up on Saturday night.

Music from Mountain Passages
Dave Douglas – trumpet
Jon Bentley – tenor saxophone
Rod Murray – trombone
Peggy Lee – cello
Dylan van der Schyff – drums and cymbals

Rubber Arms
Chad Makela – baritone saxophone
Chris Kelly – baritone saxophone
Skye Brooks – drums and cymbals
Bernie Arai – drums and cymbals

March 31st, 2012 — 10:00 pm
1067 Jazz Club
1115 East Hastings (enter at 360 Glen Dr)
Vancouver BC
This is the new address of this venue which moved recently.