More from the road….

Just got to Nuernberg, Germany and checked in the hotel….finally a short drive from the gig in Munich! Last night was a great show with lots of people who were very into the music. We played at the Unterfarht and the folks putting on the show are just so incredibly nice…a stark contrast from the night before :-/ ….oh well…

The music has been evolving more and more with each gig and I’m just amazed at how much Russ, Quinsin and Jeff throw down every night. We’re pretty exhausted from all the travel and my music demands a lot of focus and physical energy with little break in the sets. These guys take it to the edge every gig and are truly inspiring. I love these musicians..

…A little funny road story:

First day of the tour: We got to Brussels and the vehicle I rented was NOT AT ALL what I requested…and much smaller. Once we loaded in the instruments (double bass included) plus luggage and four guys, there was one suitcase that, no matter what we did, could not fit: mine. So in a desparate move, I found a plastic bag, threw all my clothes into it, stuffed it in the back and ditched the suitcase. So now I’m walking into all these hotels with a white plastic bag under my arm….nice. It’s pretty funny….

Cheers. More when we get to Austria….