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Dave Douglas & hr Bigband

Looking past the Spirit Moves release this summer, we’ll be releasing Dave’s first collection of big band pieces later this year. The to-be-titled work features a collection of Douglas originals, arranged for by Jim McNeely for hr Bigband with Dave as guest trumpeter.

A sneak peak of this recording will be heard on hr2 on May 3, 7.05p local time (that’s 1.05p NYC). People around the world can stream at

More info on the Fall release coming soon.

Full-Album Streaming

We also started full-album streaming our frontline catalog at our store recently. And for those who like listening while reading this here blog of ours, we have a new player on the sidebar. The tracks will change weekly — mostly album cuts, but sometimes tracks that will be exclusive to that player. Click over to the store, click over on the sidebar, pretty much anywhere you click we’re making it as easy as we can for you to hear our artists fine work. We hope you dig.