Spirit Moves Update ~ More free music

We announced the preorder of Dave’s newest record a couple weeks back.  The record is streaming in full HERE along with a video segment from the DVD.  With the official release date is right around the corner (June 16th), we have some new news to bring to the table.

There are various packaging options we’ve put forward for this title.  They range from a CD, to a Deluxe CD/DVD with live video from the studio sessions, to a complete package which bundles together the CD, DVD, Sheet Music, the new Greenleaf hat, and more.  The response to these packages has been great and we appreciate everyone’s support and kind words.

Now for the update

With all preorders, we will be including a free live set from the upcoming Brass Ecstasy shows at the Jazz Standard in NYC.  This set will automatically show up for download in the accounts of everyone who preorders Spirit Moves in any of the packaging options – this includes all who have already put in their order.  But this offer is ONLY for preorders.  Once the release date hits (again, June 16th), folks who order will be able to purchase the set separately.

Subscribers –  There will be another set recorded.  And this set will be exclusively for you.  We’re extremely happy to have had so many new Subscriptions and re-Subscriptions in the last month.  The Subscriber Edition of Spirit Moves is still the best deal in terms of how much music and how much inside-access you can get with your preorder.

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