Modern Drummer Reviews Mareike Wiening’s Metropolis Paradise

Modern Drummer features drummer Mareike Wiening in their latest issue, reviewing her debut album, Metropolis Paradise.

Writer Keaton Lamie says:

“Mareike Wiening serves as bandleader and composer on record for the first time on Metropolis Paradise, an album that flows seamlessly between smooth and progressive jazz. Second track “2 in 1” shows off Wiening’s comfort with off – beat accent solos and cascading ride/ cross-stick patterns. And yet, thanks to Wiening’s propulsive accents, the time signature acrobatics sound eff ortless, never tense or in danger of falling apart. The album’s title track is a relaxed take on rhythm and blues, driven by a backbeat-altering 16th-note groove and memorable performances from several soloists. Though Wiening gives her bandmates space to shine, their solos are always built in tandem with her ever-evolving feel for each song’s pulse, driving their playing to places it probably wouldn’t have gone otherwise..”

You can read the full review here. And you can purchase a copy of the album here.