Dave Douglas ‘Marching Music’ gets feature Downbeat review

Downbeat Magazine has chosen Marching Music, the recent Dave Douglas release, for a feature review in the their February issue.

In the main review, John McDonough says:

“Douglas is the principle acoustic voice, cradled in the electronic thunder of bass and guitar. It is a clear and fluent voice, though, that in the end puts music above politics.”

For the Hotbox capsule reviews, James Hale gives the album 5 stars and says,

“This is strident, dramatic music for Trump’s final days. Tough but tender, thanks to the sonic contrast between Gibb’s stormy bass and the leader’s uplifting trumpet.”

In his four star capsule review, J.D. Considine says,

“Douglas’ back-of-the-pocket phrasing sounds great with this fusion-flavored group, and Bhatia’s coloristic guitar is the ideal foil for the dramatic stomp of Cain’s drumming. But it’s Gibbs’ gorgeously distorted bass that puts an edge on the sound, underscoring the music’s political bent.”

Ammar Kalia give the album 3 and a half stars, saying,

“Douglas provides a spirited collection of protest music, reflecting 2020’s sombre moods, as well as offering some hope through the clarion call of his horn. Bassist Gibbs provides a gritty backing, while guitarist Bhatia paints with subtle electronic manipulations.”

Marching Music ten new Dave Douglas compositions performed by a new quintet that features Rafiq Bhatia, Melvin Gibbs, and Sim Cain. Order the album on CD and / or digital here.