Blog-o-sphere update

Lots of activity all over the blog-o-sphere this week about our own Dave Douglas fueled by the creation of the Ear of The Behearer website. Two of our favorite jazz blogs, Destination: Out and Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society are taking the Behearer concept into the 1990s. Destination Out’s “Best Jazz of the 90s: Part 1” contributors named Dave’s 1995 Tiny Bell Trio recording Constellations as the “Nineties Pick Hit” and they are streaming a couple of tracks. Darcy James Argue has some nice things to say about Dave’s 15 albums during the 1990s period.

All the Dave talk aside, this is a great topic for discussion. Even this close in our rear view mirror, there is little doubt that the 1990s was a fertile time of really inspired music making.