ANFTD #18: Mark Dresser (Subscribers Only)

Mark Dresser, a singular double bassist and composer, joins the ANFTD team to talk about his many projects: Telematics, his solo CD/DVD GUTS, playing with Anthony Braxton and Gerry Hemingway, and many other topics. Michael plays Dave a bunch of blues 45s from a vinyl box set.

Tracks in this episode:

Not Withstanding-Mark Dresser Quintet “Nourishments” (Clean Feed Records)
Telemotions-Mark Dresser, Myra Melford and Michael Dessen (live recording)
Ekoneni-Mark Dresser “GUTS” (Kadima Collective)
K-tude #2-Mark Dresser “GUTS” (Kadima Collective)
Bacahaonne-Mark Dresser “GUTS” (Kadima Collective)
Air to Mir-Mark Dresser “Marinade” (Tdzadik)
Touch Part 1-Morton Subotnick “Touch/Jacob’s Room”  (Wergo)
#158 (+96) +401-Anthony Braxton Quartet “Willisau” (Hat Art)
Devil’s Paradise-Gerry Hemingway Quartet “Devil’s Paradise (Clean Feed)
What God Can Do-Leon Pinson “The George Mitchell Collection” (Fat Possum Records)
Who’s Gonna Be Your Man-John Lee Ziegler “The George Mitchell Collection” (Fat Possum Records)


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