ANFTD #17: Apurva Narechania (Subscribers Only)

Invertabrate Zoologist, Apurva Narechania joins Dave and Michael to play science related music and talk about some really smart stuff: emergence properties, dinosaurs, DNA as mass storage, exoplanets and the possibility of life on other planets. Michael interviews Dave about one of his tunes from the album “Leap of Faith” and they don’t call Drummond.

Tracks in this episode:

Science Fiction – Ornette Coleman, The Complete Science Fiction Session (Columbia Records)
Ornithology – Charlie Parker, The Savoy and Dial Master Takes (Savoy)
Intuitive Science – Dave Douglas, Stargazer (Arabesque)
DNA – John O’Gallagher, Line of Sight (Arabesque)
Dangerously Slippy – Henry Threadgill and the Very Very Circus, Live at Koncepts (Taylor Made Records)
On the Milky Way Express – Dave Douglas Sextet, Stargazer (Arabesque)
Millennium Bug – Dave Douglas, Leap of Faith (Arabesque)

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