ANFTD #2: Matt Mitchell (Subscribers Only)

Michael and Dave talk to composer and pianist Matt Mitchell about his etudes, about Ches Smith, about his work with Tim Berne, and about playing on Dave’s most recent records. We talk about Herb Robertson and listen to some of Tim Berne’s earlier work. Dave gets nerdy about firewood, Michael gets nerdy about practicing scales. All in a day’s podcast.

The songs in order of play or mention:

Matt Mitchell
Tim Berne
Scanners (Snake Oil, ECM))
Matt Mitchell
“Id Balm” (TBR)
“Veins” (TBR)
Dave Douglas
“Be Still” (Greenleaf)
Tim Berne
“Yield” (Snake Oil, ECM)
“Now Then” (Fractured Fairy Tales)
“Critical Mass” (ParaPhrase, Screwgun)
Tim Berne Night Music
Dave Douglas
“Caterwaul” (Leap of Faith, Greenleaf)
“Book Nine” Michael Bates (Fresh Sound)
Norwegian Wood by Sarah Lyall

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