ANFTD #14: John Zorn (part 2) (Subscribers Only)

Part 2 of Dave Douglas’ sit down with John Zorn recorded on September 12th, 2013 at WNYU Studios. John talks about finding the language of the alto saxophone in the 70’s through an obsessive practice method, his approach to writing for recent pieces that pair through-composed elements with improvisers, and the leadership strategies of Gen. George S. Patton.

Tracks in this episode:

“Nevalah” by John Zorn from “Masada, Vol. 6: Vav”
“Kondo Toshinori” by John Zorn from “The Classic Guide to Strategy”
Risentito by John Zorn from “Aporias – Requia For Piano And Orchestra”
“Val de travers” by John Zorn from “Absinthe”

John Zorn records exclusively for Tzadik.

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