ANFTD #13: John Zorn (part 1) (Subscribers Only)


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On September 12th Dave Douglas sat down with John Zorn for a conversation at the WNYU studios. As they only scratched the surface, we’ve split the interview into two parts. Part 1 covers Game Pieces, Band Leading, Composing, and hints at leadership strategies of Gen. George S. Patton. Various musical selections are interspersed. Stay tuned for Part 2 with talk about Patton, improvisation, John’s practice techniques, his approach to writing for recent pieces that combine through-composed parts with improvisers.


Tracks in this episode:

“Tahah” by John Zorn from “Live in Middelheim”
“Vehuel” by John Zorn from “The Unknown Masada”
“Le Momo” by John Zorn from “Love, Madness & Mysticism”

John Zorn records exclusively for Tzadik.

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