ANFTD #9: Steve Byram (Subscribers Only)

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Artist Steve Bryam joins Dave and Michael for a talk about his process and his works including album art for Tim Berne’s Screwgun Records, the Beastie Boys, Slayer, both Dave and Michael, and many more. Also included is a brief Paul Motian tribute with audio from Dave’s latest release “Time Travel” and another entry in the future inventions series.


Teach Me Tonight – Django Bates “Quiet Nights” (Screwgun Records)
Witness – Dave Douglas “Witness” (BMI Records)
Charms of The Night Sky – Dave Douglas “Charms of The Night Sky” (Winter on Winter)
Prolix – Tiny Bell Trio “Songs For Wandering Souls” (Winter on Winter)
Rhinoceros – Drew Gress “Seven Black Butterflies” (Premonition Records)
Tragicomique – Dave Douglas “Keystone” (Greenleaf Music)
Reversion – Tim Berne and the Art Quartte (Screwgun Records)
Critical Mass – Tim Berne and Paraphrase (Screwgun Records)
Mystero – Craig Taborn “Junk Magic” (Thirsty Ear)
Blue Heaven – Dave Douglas Sexet “Soul on Soul” (BMI Records)
Middle March (for Paul Motian) – Dave Douglas “Be Still” (Greenleaf Music)
Conception Vessel – Russ Lossing “Drum Music” (Sunnyside Records)
Square Pusher – The Body Builder “Big Loada” (Warp Records)

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