ANFTD #46: Carla Bley and Steve Swallow

Dave travels north to visit Carla Bley and Steve Swallow in their home, where countless gigantic recordings were made. Carla is joining Riverside this season for new music and actual tour dates. Check your local listings. Topics discussed include: Hiring weirdos for the band, Jail time for Steve, Mutinous bandmates, Finding your own sound by actually working on it every day of your life, The Beauty of broken pump organs, And The Sullen good looks of a certain Mr. Andy Sheppard (why Carla added Andy to the Duo). Musical excerpts span their 50 year history together.

Carla Bley and Steve Swallow
Willow, New York

1. Major from Are We There Yet? 1998
Carla Bley (piano), Steve Swallow (electric bass)

2. Walking Batteriewoman from Social Studies 1980
Michael Mantler (trumpet), Carlos Ward (alto saxophone),Tony Degradi (tenor saxophone), Gary Valente (trombone), Joe Daley (euphonium), Eark McIntyre (tuba), Carla Bley (organ, piano),Steve Swallow (bass), D. Sharpe (drums)

3. Why from Escalator Over The Hill with Paul Haines 1971
Linda Ronstadt (voice), Charlie Haden (voice), Michael Mantler (trumpet), Sharon Freeman (horn), Roswell Rudd (trombone), Jack Jeffers (trombone), John Buckingham (tuba), Perry Robinson (clarinet), Jimmy Lyons (alto sax), Gato Barbieri (tenor sax), Chris Woods (bari sax), John McLaughlin (guitar), Carla Bley (piano), Charlie Haden (bass), Paul Motian (drums)

4. Gary Burton: A Genuine Tong Funeral: Opening & Shovels 1967
Gary Burton (vibes),Larry Coryell (guitar), Steve Swallow 9bass), Lonesome Dragon (drums), Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Mike Mantler (trumpet), Gato Barbieri (tenor sax), Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Howard Johnson (tuba, bari sax), Carla Bley (piano, organ, conductor)

5. Liberation Music Orchestra: The Ending Of The First Side 1969
Perry Robinson (clarinet), Gato Barbieri (tenor sax), Dewey Redman (alto and tenor sax), Don Cherry (cornet), Mike Mantler (trumpet), Roswell Rudd (trombone), Bob Northern (horn), Howard Johnson (tuba), Carla Bley (piano), Charlie Haden (bass), Paul Motian (drums)

6. Steve Swallow Quintet: Unnatural Causes 2011

7. Steve Swallow Quintet: Suitable For Framing 2011
Chris Cheek (tenor sax), Steve Cardenas (guitar), Carla Bley (organ), Steve Swallow (bass), Jorge Rossy (drums)

8. Musique Mécanique I 1978
Michael Mantler (trumpet), Alan Braufman (alto sax), Gary Windo (tenor sax), John Clark (horn), Roswell Rudd (trombone), Bob Stewart (tuba), Terry Adams (electric pump organ), Carla Bley (organ, toy piano), Steve Swallow (bass), D. Sharpe (drums), Karen Mantler (glockenspiel)

9. Grand Mother 2002
Lawrence Feldman, Wolfgang Puschnig, Andy Sheppard, Craig Handy, Gary Smulyan (reeds), Earl Gardner, Lew Soloff, Byron Stripling, Giampaolo, Casati (trumpets), Jim Pugh, Gary Valente, Dave Bargeron, David Taylor (trombones), Robert Routch (horn), Karen Mantler (organ, glockenspiel), Carla Bley (piano, conductor), Stevce Swallow (bass), Billy Drummond (drums), Don Alias (percussion)

10. Enormous Tots 1973 NO STEVE!
Julie Tippets (voice), Gato Barbieri (tenor sax), Howard Johnson (voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano, baritone and bass saxophones, tubas), Dave Holland (bass), Michael Mantler (trumpet), Toni Marcus (violin, viola), Carla Bley (voice, recorders, piano, electric piano, clavinet, organ, marimba, celeste, percussion), Paul Motion (drums, percussion)

11. Andando El Tiempo: Camino Al Volver 2015
Andy Sheppard (tenor sax), Carla Bley (piano), Steve Swallow (bass guitar)

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