Music for Sextet (In Our Lifetime, Stargazer, Soul on Soul)


Physical & digital sheet music books that include all Dave Douglas compositions on the Sextet albums In Our Lifetime, Stargazer, and Soul On Soul.

The physical book is printed 2-sided on bleed-proof, high-visibility white paper, housed between a clear plastic cover and vinyl backing, and bound together with a classic spiral for easy page turning.

— Individual Parts+Scores—

Collecting all individual part charts in multiple transpositions per album.

In Our Lifetime • $80
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1. 3 Little Monsters
2. At Dawn
3. Bridges (for Tim Berne)
4. In Our Lifetime
5. Out in the Cold
6. Persistence of Memory
7. Rapid Ear Movement
8. Sappho
9. Shred

Soul On Soul • $80
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1. Ageless
2. Blue Heaven
3. Canticle
4. Eleven Years Old
5. Kyrie
6. Moon of the West
7. Multiples
8. Soul On Soul
9. Zonish

Stargazer • $80
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1. Dark Sky
2. Four Sleepers
3. Goldfish
4. Intuitive Science
5. Spring Ahead
6. Stargazer