Webstore Update

A couple weeks ago I posed the question to all our Blog readers of what digital format they would prefer, WAV or FLAC. The resounding reply was for FLAC, and with good reason. We were leaning this way anyway since the file sizes are slightly smaller and therefore take up less server space. But we thank all of those who dropped us a line. It is great to hear from the members of our community.

So, as we get closer to the launch date of the new webstore here on greenleafmusic.com, there are a couple things I thought I would mention…

First, all of our MP3’s are being re-sampled by a better encoder and sampled at 256kbps for better sound quality. So you will have the option of purchasing a high-quality MP3 album, a FLAC album, and/or the CD. The Live at the Jazz Standard Full Book is still being offered as a digital release only, but we will be uploading the FLAC files for all those who requested it way back when. Also, we won’t be offering individual track downloads anymore–only full albums that will be “zipped up” for easy transfers and one-click downloadability.

Our customer base is extremely important to us, and we want to make the transfer as painless as possible. We will be bringing all customer information over from Musicstem, so your login name and password will not change for our new store. Of course, you can always make yourself a new account if your email address has changed, or change the password on your account whenever you wish.

Now, at Musicstem, when you purchased an MP3 album, it remained in your account forever. We will not be moving that data over to the new site, so, if I were you, I would click on over to Musicstem and back up your files that you have purchased just in case something happens to your hard drive. All of the Greenleaf Music releases on Musicstem will be removed soon after we open the store.

More updates to come soon…