WBGO features an exclusive premiere of “Curly” from ‘Devotion’

We’re big fans of the Newark jazz radio station WBGO and their weekly new release feature Take Five. Today they’re featuring an exclusive premier of the lead track from the upcoming Dave Douglas album Devotion.

Nate Chinen has this to say about “Curly”:

But the album’s opener stakes out different territory, with just Caine and Cyrille in a playful push-pull exchange. Caine begins the track in a pugilistic 12/8 polyrhythm, before shifting into a steadier gear. But with Cyrille for a conversational partner, he knows he can duck out of the pocket without losing a step. There’s a great deal of kinetic energy in the track — even when, at around 2:30, the tempo opens up and relaxes for a spell. It’s not hard to picture Douglas in the control room, nodding and smiling at this summit, as he waits his turn.

Check out the piece here and hear this great track featuring and Uri Caine, and Andrew Cyrille.

Pre-order the album on Bandcamp and iTunes now. The album will be released on Friday.