Unveiling ENACT

On December 1, at Zürcher Gallery in New York, we will have a work in progress ‘soiree’ unveiling my new compositions called ENACT. The following week I’ll be recording them for the subscription series of 2019.

This concert is by invitation (no charge). Subscribers to the label have already been invited. Join us as a subscriber to RSVP and be there (AND get access to our full catalog of recordings and much more).

On December 1: Dave Douglas and David Adewumi, trumpets; Anna Webber, flutes and tenor; Jeff Parker, guitar; Nick Dunston, bass; Kate Gentile, drums. On the recording we will also be joined by Tomeka Reid and Riley Mulherkar.

This is an informal insider unveiling for family and friends. We’d love to see you there. Send us word.
– Dave

Update: ENACT is now called ENGAGE