Two new albums available now for preorder.

Dave Douglas, United Front: Brass Ecstasy at Newport

Dave Douglas | United Front: Brass Ecstasy at Newport

Originally recorded by WBGO Jazz 88 and presented as part of NPR’s live concert series, this remastered album captures the group’s spectacular performance during the 2010 Carefusion Newport Jazz Festival.

“There was a special feeling for us on taking the drive out to the festival grounds at Fort Adams State Park. On the day of the gig, each of us was flying in from a different location. The weather was cooperating, and I remember watching boats in the harbor…such a magnificent setting. During the set each of the tunes grew into new proportions that day, stretching in all sorts of directions from their original studio release.” -Dave Douglas

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Curtis Macdonald, Community Immunity

Curtis Macdonald | Community Immunity

Greenleaf Music is proud to release saxophonist/composer Curtis Macdonald’s debut album, Community Immunity. Strong and catchy melodies are supported by rhythmic motifs that churn each piece in an often cinematic style. Macdonald and his ace crew of players create effortless buoyancy as they bounce off the parameters of each new conundrum.

“The pieces on this recording are like little puzzles with moving parts that fit together in the strangest ways. The moving parts lock in with uncanny seamlessness.” -Dave Douglas

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